Liquid Nitrogen Sales 2017 Global Market Key Players

Published On:May 19, 2017, 5:06 pm

Liquid nitrogen is simple nitrogen which is a cryogenic fluid which causes extremely fast freezing once it comes in contact with a living tissue. The fluid is colorless in nature and owing to the cryogenic nature; liquid nitrogen is commonly used as a coolant. Liquid nitrogen can be stored as well as transported in vacuum flasks, if precisely insulated from ambient heat. The temperature of liquid nitrogen is constantly held at 77 K by slow boiling of the liquid, which leads to the evolving of nitrogen gas. This component is used as a cryogen wherever low temperatures are required. It is used in cryotherapies, cryosurgeries and cryopreservation to eliminate any tissues which have been decayed. Liquid nitrogen is also used to remove moles, warts, verrucae, skin tags and a few other skin cancers. Also, it is used in the form of coolant to temporarily shrink mechanical gears during machine assemble for improved intrusion fits.

The global liquid nitrogen sales market is projected to garner maximum profit in the future and will register at a considerable CAGR during the forecast period owing to escalating demand for electronic products and increasing need from the healthcare segment, which drives the growth of liquid nitrogen market. Besides, lucrative growth of chemical industry in under-developed as well as developing regions renders a potential opportunity for this market to grow further. The global liquid nitrogen market is predicted to have a great boost in the next few years. One primary reason which has encouraged the growth of this market industry is the ability of liquid nitrogen to act as a coolant. Moreover, increase in the need for liquid nitrogen is food and transport industry is also propelling the overall growth. In addition, technological advancement is also fueling the growth of this market on a global level. However, lack of cost efficient transportation is hampering the growth of this market industry. Also, the production cost of liquid nitrogen is quite high and it acts as a restraining factor on the global market. Lastly, lack of job opportunities is also hindering the lucrative growth of global liquid nitrogen market.

The geographical segmentation of the global market of this industry is China, United States, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, and India. The key market manufacturers of the global liquid nitrogen sales market are Nexair LLC. (U.S.), Linde Ag (Germany), Air Products and Chemicals Inc. (U.S.), Praxair Inc., (U.S.), Gulf Cryo (United Arab Emirates), Air Liquide S.A. (France), Emirates Industrial Gases Co. LLC. (United Arab Emirates), Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (Japan), and Southern Industrial Gas BHD (Malaysia). Depending on the end user applications, this industry’s market has been segmented into chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, healthcare, metal manufacturing and construction, rubber and plastic, electronics and energy and many others. Based on distribution, storage and transportation, the global market of this industry is segmented into cylinder & packaged distribution, merchant liquid distribution, tonnage distribution, and others. The manufacturing process of liquid nitrogen is segmented into pressure swing adsorption and cryogenic distillation.

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