Aircraft Lift Control Devices Sales Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2017

Published On:May 19, 2017, 4:55 pm

In an aircraft, a lift control device plays a significant role in lifting the aircraft at the time of landing as well as take-off. In aviation industry, there are several applications pertaining to aircraft lift control devices such as in business, military and commercial aircraft. The lift control devices comprise of slats and slots, flaps, blown and boundary layer control systems, and leading edge root extension. An increase in the global economic status has encouraged constructive growth in transportation in the aviation industry by reducing prices, which in return promotes the growth of the aircraft lift control device market. The size of the wing determines the take-off and landing of an aircraft. It studies the speed and the distance at which a particular aircraft must take-off. The flap of the aircraft escalates the maximum lift as and when needed, the lift is increased with an increase in flap deflection. The spoilers have the efficiency to streamline and distribute airflow over the wings. The slots and slats are small devices which are installed at the wing leading edge ahead to let the airflow in-between slat and the wing slot above the high acquisition-only authority (AOA).


The global aircraft lift control devices sales market is predicted to lucratively grow in future by registering at a substantial CAGR during the forecast period owing to several factors. Increase in the need for air transport owing to reduced rates and global connectivity promotes the demand for aircraft, which eventually is estimated to drive the aircraft lift control devices market in the coming years. Narrowed inventions in fighter jet and aircrafts for naval and military applications in order to strengthen the country’s defense forces lead the market to acquire a positive growth. Other factors such as increasing demand for newest technology in modern aircrafts and escalating usage of unmanned aerial vehicles, together is fueling this industry’s market. Moreover, the global use of unmanned aerial vehicles has rapidly increased in the present times in the commercial as well as military aviation sector for examination purpose. Because of this, the aircraft lift control devices manufacturers are incorporating enhanced and latest flight control systems so as to perform better as compared to the older versions.


Based on the product type the global market of aircraft lift control devices are split into spoilers, flaps, leading edge flaps, slats & slots, and vortex generators. The key market manufacturers of the global aircraft lift control devices sales market are Spirit Aerosystem, GKN Aerospace, Shimadzu Corporation, Triumph Aerostructure, UTC Aerospace Systems, Aernnova, and Boeing Aerostructres. Geographically, this industry’s market has been segmented into United States, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India. Lastly, the end user applications of this market industry are military aviation and civil aviation.


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