Needle-Free Injection Device Market Analysis- opportunities sales, revenue, Gross Margin, Outlook and Forecast To 2022

Published On:May 17, 2017, 6:14 pm

Needle free injection devices are used in needle free injection technology, which is a highly extensive concept that includes a broad range of drug delivery systems which impels drugs through the skin with the help of any of the forces as Shock waves, Lorentz, pressure by electrophoresis or gas that forces the drug into the skin, almost avoiding any hypodermic needle use. This system is meant to render several vaccines and medications either subcutaneously or intramuscularly by means of narrow, accurate fluid stream that goes through the skin and renders the vaccine or medicine to the body. Medical care professionals who regularly administer injections make use of such devices. Besides, it can also be used for children as well as adults. Moreover, such devices are also used by patients who are prescribed to self-inject, or have any of the family members inject the medication. The needle-free injection devices are categorized depending on their type of load, site of delivery, functioning, and mechanism of drug delivery. These devices are manufactured is several ways, but the broadly utilized method of manufacture is by the injection molding technique.

The global needle-free injection device market is was evaluated at USD 9.81 million in 2016, and is predicted to grow rapidly while registering at a considerable CAGR during the forecast period. Increasing inclination for painless and efficient drug delivery is said to drive this industry’s market on a global level. Factors such as increasing occurrence of chronic disease, rising prevalence of communicable disease owing to needle stick injuries, elevated need for vaccination and biosimilars, benefits of drug delivery technology, and escalated requirement of self-injection devices are said to fuel the global market of the needle-free injection devices market. Mostly, this technology uses liquid drug delivery which functions efficiently with already existing drug formulations, the cost of development on these products are quite low. As a result, it has promoted several medical devices manufacturers to invest in needle-free injection devices, thereby propelling the market further. Nevertheless, as compared to conventional needle injection, the development costs of needle-free injection devices are much higher, and this acts as a market barrier for this industry.

The major market manufacturers of the global needle-free injection device market are Crossject Medical Technology, Eternity Healthcare, Inovio, Medical International Technologies, Glide Pharma, Antares Pharma, Zogenix, Penjet, Akra Dermojet, National Medical Products, Injex Pharma, Activa Brand Products, PharmaJet, and Valeritas. Geographical segmentation of this industry’s market is North America, Japan, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, and India. The product type sectioning of this market are liquid injections, powder injections, and projectile or depot injections. Lastly, the end user applications of the needle free injection device market on a global level are drug injection, and cosmetic surgery use.

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