Medical Computer Carts Market, 2017-2021 – Market Estimate, Competitive Landdscape, Industry Size: QY Research Groups

Published On:April 4, 2017, 4:17 pm

medical computer cartMedical computer carts are determined as medical carts which medical staff across the world use for various every day activities like keeping a tab on medical records electronically, EMR and charting, drug distribution, dispensing medicines, surgeries and nursing education. These carts are especially designed to decrease the workload of medical care professionals and improve patient care experience. They are primarily used in health clinics, hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and pharmacies. There are various kinds of medical computer carts distinguished based on their features along with prices and altering heights based on their proposed application. These carts are mounted with trays, shelves, drawers, and cabinets along with compact computer and its other elements.

According to the product type, medical computer carts are sectioned into non-powered or powdered medical cart. Of which presently, the powdered medical carts are more popular and maximum revenue provider to the global market owing to its superior use for many surgical procedures and documentation pertaining to medicine. Ascending medical care facilities and invention of novel specialized hospital by several governments develop substantial growth opportunity for the medical computer cart manufacturers. As indicated by WHO in2013, in the United States hospital expenditure, added with each individual spending on healthcare was approximately $9,146 and it is estimated to escalate by 4.6% due to flourished insurance coverage. Presently, the manufacturers are aiming towards developing medical carts with features like Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant, adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray, and sit-to-stand height adjustments, etc. This emphasis is due to the rising inclination towards mobile computer carts, particularly for the critical surgical procedures.

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With the aim of distinguishing the products’ noteworthiness, several manufacturers are directive on innovating products with exclusive features to render more assistance to help healthcare experts. Ergotron, Inc., in October 2015, established it SV10 series of its StyleView Medical carts, which is its lightest cart for a broad range of tablet and laptop created solely for many surface device. In February 2013, JACO Inc. came up with its 300 UltraLite series of medical carts, which had features such as a computer and mobile mounting caret, and Power Blade. The cart also had trade system that let 24/7 hours of runtime, which made optimum usage of the cart and allows undisrupted workflow of nurses irrespective of their shifts. Medical organizations and governments are urging for paperless method in medical care facilities are giving way to more opportunity for the medical computer cart makers. In fact, the U.K. government in February 2016 proclaimed NHS funding to back the paperless system.

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