United States Ozone Treatment Market Report 2016

Published On:November 23, 2016, 12:00 pm

Ozone treatment/therapy is a form of alternative medicinal treatment which aims to escalate the oxygen levels in the body with the help of introduction of ozone. Several technical procedures have been suggested, with focused benefits which include the treatment of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), cancer, and multiple sclerosis, amongst the others. It is a form of complementary medicine regarded as the enhancer of the immune system functioning. The hypothesis behind its claimed therapeutic advantages lies in the belief that ozone, which is a gaseous allotrope of oxygen, might stop or arrest or revoke the disease by aiding the human body to improve the transportation and metabolize the oxygen. Ozone treatment is also considered to daunt infectious diseases by counterbalancing the invasion of bacterial enzymes which are the reason for viral infection and replication in the white blood cells. This treatment might seem like a byproduct of a holistic method to healing, but it has been practiced since the mid 19th century.

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The United States Ozone Treatment Market is prognosticated to flourish and grow at a substantial CAGR during the forecast period owing to the increase in the number of patients being diagnosed with cancer in the United States. Theories say that Ozone has the ability to destroy tumor cells with oxygen; this factor helps in propelling the market growth of the United States Ozone Treatment. The United States Food and Drug Administration primarily stated in 1976, and later in 2006, that when inhaled, ozone is a toxic which has no evidenced safe medical application. This factor might hamper the growth of this industry’s market. Considering the virtues of ozone therapy, the medical community has distinguished the antibacterial and antiviral properties of the ozone gas for quite some time. The surgical segment market also has a great demand for the ozone gases, owing to the method of sterilization of the surgical instruments with the help of ozone gas. Moreover, veterinarians across the world used intravenous fluid ozone compositions to treat infection and decrease inflammation in animals. Ozone treatment has also supposedly has lowered the occurrence of chronic or permanent paralysis in stroke patients.

The most robust point to consider is that this treatment is a concern since ozone easily degrades into unstable oxygen atoms which will look forward to gain electrons by pairing, or oxidizing with other molecules. Some of the major market players of the United States Ozone Treatment market are Kastner-Praxisbedarf GmbH (Germany), Herrmann Apparatebau GmbH, Humares GmbH, Zotzmann + Stahl GmbH + Co. KG, Dr.J.Hansler GmbH, Ozonline (Italy), Sedecal, Apoza (Taiwan), Fumeier, Weimei Group, Shenzhen Koye Medical (China), NewiKou, Ou Lifang, and Bijing Guanbang Technology.

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