North America Medical Bed Market by Manufacturers, Type and Application, Forecast to 2021

Published On:October 21, 2016, 11:04 am

A medical bed is also termed as hospital bed which is exclusively designed for patients who are hospitalized and/or require any form of medical assistance and relief. Medical beds possess unique features and abilities such as the side trails can be electronically controlled, the height can be adjusted. They are meant to provide both comfort and well-being to the patients by making them more caretaker-friendly. The remote for the electronically controlled functions of the bed are thoughtfully reachable to the patients. The wheeled version of the medical beds eases the procedure of patient transfer and the automated side trails make sure that the patients don’t fall off the bed. The entire sectioning of the medical beds market includes the various types of medical beds, technology, end user and the geographical locations.

Medical beds are generically characterized as regular beds, pediatric beds, ICU beds, respiratory beds, birthing beds, bariatric beds, and home care beds. All of these different types of beds are used in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, home healthcare facilities, and academic research institutes. Moreover, these medical beds are classified into three types based on their functioning, i.e., manual, semi-electric and electric beds. According to a certain statistics, the total numbers of medical beds in the North America region in the year 1975 were 1,465,828.  The figures were more of less constant until the year 2011, when the total number decreased to some 924 thousand.

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The end-user segment of the North American Medical Bed Market involves home care, ambulatory care and geriatric care. The beds are further classified on the basis of usage, power and type of treatment. This market’s industry is experiencing a considerable and lucrative growth owing to the rising occurrences of acute, chronic diseases and the escalating geriatric population. Additionally, rising medical care expenses and technological enhancements in this segment are fuelling this market. Nevertheless, the advanced medical beds are not very cost-efficient and therefore it might hinder the market’s growth in the future. Likewise, lessened need for general medical beds in this region is a major worry for this market’s growth during the forecast period. A few of the key players of this region involved in this market are Invacare Corporation, Hill-Rom Holdings, Stryker Corporation, ArjoHuntleigh,  Hard Manufacturing, Gendron, Umano Medical, Graham Field Health Products, Transfer Master, American Medical Equipment (AME), and ProBed Medical.

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