Intelligent Hearing Protection Device Market- Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2022

Published On:July 3, 2017, 4:08 pm

Intelligent Hearing Protection DeviceIntelligent hearing protection devices improves the performance via bionic hearing technologies which escalates the ability to communicate with people around and gives a better sense of understanding the environment. These are devices which assist is shielding the ear from any kind of damage because of being exposed to extremely high levels of noise. Also termed as smart hearing protection devices, these systems clearly mimics natural sound, while its super-fast digital processor renders active hearing protection from recurring, constant and impact noise, thereby being unified to the user. Hearing protection devices comprise of earmuffs, earplugs, hearing bands, and uniform attenuation earplug. These devices are inserted into the ear canal to give protection to the ear.

Earmuffs are hearing protection devices which fir on the external ear which includes the lobe and seal at the side of the head with an appropriate pad or cushion, while earplugs are either reusable or disposable. Hearing bands are used to seal the most external opening of the ear to gain noise reduction. These are made of rubber-like soft material which is positioned by a suspension assembly or head band. Uniform hearing protection devices are earplugs particularly fabricated to render natural sound perception with the help of acoustic filters along with linear decreasing from 100 to 8000 Hz.

The global Intelligent Hearing Protection Device Market is anticipated to garner maximum market share and thereby register at a substantial compound annual growth rate of around 10% during the forecast period. One of the key factors responsible for the considerable market growth is increasing need for smart hearing protection products in the entire defense industry. Constant revelation of individuals of the navy, army and air force to unremitting noise from aircraft engines and instinct noise like blasts and firing which leads to several type of hearing disabilities will fuel the market growth of this industry. Numerous market vendors will be investing in research and development for developing unique hearing protection products which render hearing protection, incorporated communication systems along with enhances innovation to better on-field realization and situational awareness.

Several other technological enhancements will comprise of specific designs which will bear compatibility with helmet’s head and face protection equipment. Region wise, North America will lead the global market industry and will be accountable for a considerable compound annual growth rate of nearly 11% during the forecast period. The rising need from end users of the industrial segment and top-most vendors which innovate novel products for a variety of broad range of applications will be the primary factors responsible for the growth of this market industry in the future. Moreover, high cost of employee compensation and worker safety regulations in case of any injuries will force several major employers in this region to invest in products with a broad selection of tailor-made intelligent hearing protection devices.

The major market manufacturers of the global Intelligent Hearing Protection Device Market are Sensear, Honeywell, NoNoise,Starkey Hearing Technologies, 3M, Starkey Hearing Technologies, Silenta, Phonak, Hunter Electronic, Etymotic Research, Hellberg Safety, and SensGard. Based on the end user application of this industry, this market industry is split into Oil and gas, Construction, Defense and law enforcement, Consumer, Aviation, and Manufacturing. The product segment of this market industry is bifurcated into Earmuffs and Earplugs. Geographically, this market industry is segmented into regions such as Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, India, and China.

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