Cold Chain Logistics Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth And Forecast Report To 2022

Published On:June 15, 2017, 5:24 pm

Cold Chain Logistics The cold chain is supply chain equipped with temperature controlled surrounding, which helps to maintain desired low temperature. In this supply chain production, distribution and storage activities are refrigerated. It extends and ensures the shelf life of products. This supply chain is used for products such as frozen food, chemicals, sea food, fresh agriculture products like fruits and vegetables, photographic films, pharmaceutical drugs and other perishable items.

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The cold chain logistics used for fresh and perishable products required to maintain certain environmental parameters which include humidity, O2 and CO2 levels, making it more complicated to operate. Different temperatures are required to maintain for different products, to ensure their quality throughout the transport chain. Some standard temperature range are banana (13°), pharmaceuticals (2°to8°), chill(2°), frozen(-18°), deep frozen(-29°). Any variance may cause expensive damage to quality of product or product simply loses its market value.

In 2014, the global cold chain market was evaluated at USD 110.20 billion and is predicted to register itself at a CAGR of 13.9% during the forecast period. The value of market expected to reach USD 426.2 billion by 2022.  A few key market drivers are increase in demand for frozen food, growth in pharmaceutical industry andRising investments in cold chain technologies, new policies of government to support infrastructure growth and improvement for cold chain system. The increasing awareness about healthy supplements and food is boosting the demand of dairy products.

The sea food demand is rising everyday. The frozen foods like meat, sea food are the highest revenue gainer in 2015 which was around 35% of the cold chain logistics market. However pharmaceuticals and drugs sector is expected to grow faster in the forecast period. Also other emerging segments like dairy and bakery products are expected to show good growth.Some of the restraining factorsfor cold chain market are any variance in desired temperature range, shocks and harm to occur during transportation. These factors may affect the quality and cost of the products. Also higher cost of installation of the equipments required for cold chain system may impact the growth.

The major players of global cold chain logistics market are Crystal Logistic Cool Chain Ltd, SSI SCHAEFER, DHL, Lineage Logistics Holding LLC, Americold Logistics (U.S.), Kloosterboer, AIT, Partner Logistics, X2 Group, Preferred Freezer Services (U.S.), Nichirei Logistics Group, Inc., Burris Logistics, BioStorage Technologies, Inc, Best Cold Chain Co., AGRO Merchants Group, LLC, CWT Limited, Gruppo Marconi LogisticaIntegrata, JWD Group, NewColdCo`peratief U.A., OOCL Logistics. Geographically, the market is segmented into regions which are United States, Middle East,South America, EU, Japan, China, India, and Southeast Asia. The global cold chain logistics market is categorized according to transport used such as Railway Refrigerated Transport, Highway Refrigerated Transport, Container Refrigerated Transport, and Aviation Refrigerated Transport. By applications, the market is spilt into food, healthcare, chemicals and others.


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