Drip Irrigation Systems Market Size, Analysis, Industry Demand, Growth and Forecast Report To 2017

Published On:June 9, 2017, 10:25 am

Drip Irrigation SystemsDrip irrigation is a low-volume and low-pressure watering system which renders water to home and several landscapes in a varied form of methods that includes spraying, dripping and streams.In other words, it is a type of irrigation which saves water as well as fertilizer by enabling water to drip gradually to the roots of various plants.

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The water drips slowly either directly onto the roots or onto the soil surface, with the help of pipes, valves, emitters and tubing.Less water is used in drip irrigation as compared to other irrigation techniques, since it keeps the roots moist and not soaked.This procedure is performed with the help of narrow tubes which render water straight to the base of the plant and it widely choses as compared to surface irrigationfor several reasons, including the worry pertaining to minimizing evaporation. There are several benefits of using a drip irrigation system, a few being – (a) reduced overspray and evaporation along with less use of water as compared to a conventional sprinkler system, (b) flexibility as the plants begin to grow and spread, (c) precise delivery, avoiding water distribution where it is not required, (d) obstructing an excessively moist environment which promotes fungal disease, (e) exact and moderate watering which lessens erosion and runoff.

In 2016, the global drip irrigation systems market was valued at USD 3,113.9 million and is predicted to reach USD 8,069.9 million by the end of 2022, while registering at a CAGR of 17.2%.Swiftly increasing population has resulted in rise in global demand of agricultural product andthis has fuelled the need for cultivation of agricultural crops with very limited resources.The accessibility of drip irrigation system to render better harvest along with very limited supply of water is predicted to drive the global demand of this market during the forecast period. In many regions, farmers are forced to adopt drip irrigation system owing to unpredictable rainfall in rainfall dependent countries and also lessen wastage of crops and seed, etc.

Support from several governments for wastewater treatment specifically in India and China also aggravated this market. Also, increasing agricultural activities in developing economies like Brazil, India, etc., is further impelling the drip irrigation systems market on a global level.Since the benefits of using drip irrigation system is quite known, there is an upsurge in the market and is witnessing an exponential growth. This market growth can also be attributed to the government initiatives that have been taken in the form of subsidies in several regions to boost the use of these irrigation systems.Nevertheless, a certain factor is hindering the growth of this market on a global level and that is excess initial investment cost linked with the installation of global drip irrigation systems.

The major market manufacturers of the global drip irrigation systems market are The Toro Company, Hunter Industries Incorporated, Netafim Limited, Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, Nelson Irrigation Corporation, Lindsay Corporation, Microjet Irrigation Systems, Epc Industries Limited, T-L Irrigation Company, EurodripSA, Rain Bird Corporation, Rivulis Irrigation, and Driptech Incorporated. Based on components this market industry is split into Emitters, Drip Tube, Filters, Pressure Gauge, Valves, and others. Based on the type of the crop, the global market of drip irrigation systems is segmented into Cereals & Pulses, Oilseeds & Pulses, Turf & Ornamentals, Fruits & Vegetables, and Others Crops. Landscape, agriculture, greenhouse and others are the end user application system of this market. Lastly, geographically, this market is segmented into regions such as China, Europe, India, North America, Japan, and Southeast Asia.


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