Electrical Transformer Market Analysis- Industry Demand, Size, Share, Forecast Report 2017

Published On:June 9, 2017, 10:10 am

Transformers are an imperative segment of an alternate current (AC) electrical system for power generation, transmission or distribution. Additionally, the interest for Transformers increases proportionately with the intensification of energy generation, transmission or distribution networks in the nation.

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In India, the demand for equipment utilized as a part of the power sector is multiplying at a fast rate on account of social, financial and industrial development. Electrical Transformer Market is presently in the development stage in instances of large transformers. An increment in demand for power, cross-border power transmission, worldwide initiative to use more sustainable and non-conventional energy sources, smart grid, and global need to upgrade transmission systems networks boost-up the Global Electrical Transformer Market

Electrical Transformer market growth is specifically related to the developing demand for electricity, advancement in transmission lines, and substitution of old transformer units over the world. The high cost is a noteworthy impediment for obtaining and the establishment of electrical transformers. An increase in demand for electricity drives the electrical transformer market. As power division is the key pointer of financial growth, nations put resources into fortifying their power systems and take care of the development in demand for power and energy. Electrical transformers shape a critical part of a power grid. With the expansion in awareness identified with CO2 emissions, the selection of smart grids is relied upon to grow. As of now, the Go Green initiative drives the demand for smart grids across the globe.

The market is having generalized focuses on the Global Electrical Transformer Market, especially in North America, Europe, India, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Some of the major companies in Global Electrical Transformer Market are Siemens, Alstom, GE, ABB, Altrafo, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Layer Electronics, MACE, Ormazabal, SPX Transformer, Toshiba, XD Group, TBEA, Ruhstrat, Mitsubishi Electric, LS Industrial, and J Schneider Elektrotechnik. Also, it is widely configured in several applications like Voltage Regulator, For Transmission, and For Welding Purposes, with their specific types such as Step Up Transformer & Step Down Transformer, Three Phase Transformer & Single Phase Transformer, Two Winding Transformer & Auto Transformer, Outdoor Transformer & Indoor Transformer, and Oil Cooled & Dry Type Transformer.


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