Biomass Power Generation Market Analysis- opportunities sales, revenue, Gross Margin, Outlook and Forecast To 2022

Published On:June 8, 2017, 9:34 am

Biomass Power GenerationBiomass is fuel energy which is created from organic material. It is considered as a sustainable and renewable source of energy that is used to generate electricity or any other forms of power. Materials such as manure, scrap lumber, certain crops, forest debris, and specific type of waste residues, etc., make up for great biomass fuels.Biomass power is carbon neutral electricity mothered from organic waste that can be renewed a

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When biomass burns, the energy inside is expelled in the form of heat. In biomass power plants, any kind of waste including wood waste is burned to generate steam which runs a turbine to create electricity or renders heat energy to several homes and industries. Providentially, novel enhanced technologies which include combustion engineering and pollution controls comprise of improved and latest to the point that any kind of emissions coming out of the biomass in industrial facilities are usually much less as compared to emissions generated when fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, oil, are used. In 2010, in the United States nearly 4 percent energy used was owing to biomass energy. Of this, approximately 43 percent was from biofuels like ethanol, 46 percent was out of wood or its derivatives and nearly 11 percent was out of municipal waste.Several researchers are attempting to create methods to burn less fossil fuels and more and more of biomass. Using biomass for power generation restricts the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

The global biomass power generation market is predicted to experience a considerable growth due to rising focus on research and development and enhanced technologies to render biomass for power generation purposes.Factor which is mainly contributing to this industry’s global market is escalated use of biomass like manure and plant substances to generate electricity and produce biomass fuels for transportation.Fast expanding industrialization and emerging and developing economies such as India, China, Brazil, etc., are booting the energy demand. Across the globe, biomass power generation is widely being accepted to satisfy targets of the policy for affordable, reliable, and safe and secure supply of energy so as to encourage economic development and enhance accessibility of electricity.Unlike other substitutive sources, biomass power generation could render base load power that is estimated to nurture supplementary growth in this market industry on a global level. Also, use of fossil fuels poses renewable energy forming a substantial part of the solution to climate, economic, security, and environmental challenges. The use of biomass resources for generating power is the most significant part of strategic initiatives by several institutions and governments. Such initiatives are focused to restructure the national energy economies and escalate the renewable energy in complete power generation mix.

The prime market manufacturers of the global biomass power generation market are DONG Energy A/S,Helius Energy Plc,Alstom SA,Enviva LP,Ameresco, Inc.,The Babcock & Wilcox Company,Drax Group plc,MGT Power Ltd., Forth Energy Ltd. and Vattenfall AB. The product type of this market industry is segmented into Gasification Power Generation, Combustion Power Generation, and Biogas Power Generation. Geographically, this market industry is sectioned into regions such as Europe, North America, China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia. Of these, Europe and North America are estimated to witness considerable growth due to additional support by the government. In countries like UK and Germany, factors like investment subsidies, funding programs, and incentives and tax benefits are quite important in developing the industries in these regions. Lastly, developing economies like Indonesia and India have been approaching the governments to escalate the investments in this sector.


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