Kim Jong-Nam, Half-brother of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Killed at Malaysian Airport

Published On:February 15, 2017, 11:25 am

Kim Jong-Un Killed at Malaysian AirportNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam, has been assassinated on Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian capital.

According to the Malaysian police, Kim Jong-nam was waiting for his flight at the Macau airport on Monday, when a woman covered his face with a cloth that contained poison, and which burnt his eyes.

Also, he had a passport with a pseudo name at the time.

The late Kim Jong-il’s eldest son is believed to have run away from North Korea post being passed over for the leadership.

Some of the sources also mentioned that the 45 year old was actually poisoned by two unidentified females who used poisoned needles at an airport.

According to the first report, the two women after killing Kim Jong-nam hailed a cab and fled the scene immediately.

The chief of police who was in charge at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Assistant Commissioner Abdul Aziz Ali, told the local reporters that A Korean man in his forties was lying sick at the airport on Monday.

Immediately the airport authorities took him to the hospital where on the way he collapsed and died. The chief of police said, "We do not have any other details of this Korean man. We do not know his identity," Abdul said.

Kim Jong-Nam was earlier thought as heir apparent however fell out of favour with his father Kim Jong-II after a fumbled try in 2001 to enter Japan on a fake passport and visit Disneyland.

Ever since then he has lived in virtual exile, primarily in the Chinese territory of Macau. Later Kim Jong-Un took over as the leader of North Korea when his father died in December 2011.

Known as an advocate of reform in North, Kim Jong-Nam had earlier told a Japanese newspaper that he was against his country’s dynastic power transfers. It the sources are confirmed, then Kim’s case would be the highest-profile death under the Kim Jong-Un regime after the execution of the leader’s uncle Jang Song-Thaek in December 2013.

Why did the police delay in identifying him?

Although the media from South Korea named the victim early on Tuesday, however the authorities in Malaysia initially had just reported a sudden death of an unnamed mid-forties North Korean national who had earlier fallen sick at the airport.

The local police later released a statement wherein they quoted the deceased had a travel document which identified him as Kim Chol, born on 10th June 1970.

Whereas, Kim Jong-Nam was born on 10th May 1971.

Police eventually confirmed that the victim was actually half-brother of the North Korean leader.

Also because it was not the first time that the victim was travelling under a fake identity – earlier as well he was caught trying to enter Japan under a false passport in 2001. For which, he had told the officials that he had been planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

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