Afghanistan Suicide Bombing – killed 19, injured more than 40

Published On:February 8, 2017, 4:51 pm

Afghanistan Suicide Bombing – killed 19, injured more than 40On Tuesday, a suicide bomber attacked the Supreme Court of Afghanistan when the staff were leaving work. The incident killed a minimum of 19 people and 41 others were injured. This was the second attack on government institutions in less than a month.

Interior ministry spokesperson Najibullah Danish said that the suicide bomber was on foot and detonated the bombing device in the parking lot of the court when the employees were boarding a bus to leave for home.

WaheedMajroh, the health ministry spokesperson gave out the number of casualties, he also said that women and children were also among the dead and wounded.

The Afghan police has to barricades the road surrounding the compound as panicked relatives of the court employees started to crowd when the fire trucks and ambulances arrived. The compound falls on the road that leads to US embassy from Kabul international airport.

Not less than a month ago, twin suicide bombings which was claimed by Taliban rebels slayered through the parliament employees as they were exiting the premises in Kabul. This killed 30 people and wounded around 80.

The massacre underlines rising insecurity in Afghanistan, where the local government forces are fighting to conflict a resistant Taliban rebellion along with Al-Qaeda and Islamic State militants more than two years post NATO’s combat mission terminated.

On Monday the United Nations stated that the fatal civilian casualties in Afghanistan in 2016 were the highest ever recorded by the world body. The figures were 11,500 non-combatants of which one third were children either killed or wounded.

An official US watchdog earlier this month said that the rate of death between the Afghan troops and police raised rapidly last year as the overall control of the country’s government declined substantially.

However, for the Tuesday’s attack, no group has yet claimed responsibility, but the Taliban have aimed the court earlier as well. They killed 15 civilians with a suicide car bomb at the entrance to the compound in 2013.

It was during that point of time that the group warned of future attacks on the judiciary if at all it continued to sentence its militants to death.

The disconsolate new records paint a picture of a stressed and besieged nation which is yet in the control of security crisis, in spite of billions of dollars and many years invested in building up Afghanistan’s police and army.

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