Legendary Hollywood Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor Dies at 99

Published On:December 19, 2016, 1:08 pm

The legendary actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, who personified beauty, diamond studded glamour and nine marriages into a long lavish celebrity career, died on Sunday.

Zsa Zsa Gabor dies after suffering a heart attack, aged 99, confirmed her husband. On the vulnerable teary moment, Frederic von Anhalt stated that his wife passed away at home, surrounded by close family and friends. He said, “Everybody was there. She didn’t die alone.”

The beauty legend was born in Hungary, later immigrated to the United States at the time of World War II and made her first ever Hollywood debut in 1952. Throughout her life tenure, Gabor was married nine times. At the age of 20 she was first married and the last and longest was when she hit 70 and that too with the man who outlasted her.

Gabor appeared in more than 70 films, however she was more in the news and famous for the kind of celebrity lifestyle she led.

According to self estimation, she used to say that she was married only eight-and-a-half times, since she never really counted Spanish duke in 1982.

She was born in Budapest on 6th February 1917 and was named Sari Gabor, soon after the future star was nicknamed Zsa Zsa by her family. She initially wanted to be a veterinarian; however her mother had other ideas and her beauty soon after witnessed show business.

Gabor was declared and crowned Miss Hungary in 1936, but unfortunately was disqualified for lying regarding her age in order to enter the pageant. Her long list of movie roles include hit films such as Moulin Rouge (1952), Lili (1953) and Queen of Outer Space (1958). More lately, she was sported in the Nightmare on the Elm Street series and in the Naked Gun spoofs.

In her halcyon days, Gabor portrayed Hollywood’s platinum blonde ideal and was well-known for sporting lame gowns. Her sole child was Constance Francesca Hilton, her daughter with Conrad Hilton, the hotel tycoon.

She was dearly bemocked for her strong Hungarian accent, in which she called everybody ‘dahlink’ as she frequently pronounced it. The avid socialite once stated that, "I call everyone 'dahlink' because I can't remember their names."

Gabor was struck by ill-health in her later years, and was wheelchair-bound post a 2002 car accident in Los Angeles. Later in 2005 and 2007, she survived two strokes and was left heavily dependant on her husband.

In 2011, she suffered survived a severe infection which resulted in her right leg been amputated in order to save her life.

Renowned figures from the world of entertainment paid their respect and tribute to Gabor when the news of her death emerged. 

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