Chapecoense Plane Crash: Brazil Lost its Most Potential Football Team

Published On:November 30, 2016, 12:32 pm

The world of football has always drummed up around a Brazilian club which lost most of its players in a plane crash in Colombia.

77 people were on board the charter plane which was carrying members of the Chapecoense, out of which only six members survived the crash.

The team was on their way to the biggest match in their history – the finals of the Copa Sudamericana.

Colombian team Atletico Nacional, who were the opponents of the Brazilian team, have professed the game to ensure that Chapecoense are declared the champions of the final match.

In fact, the Colombian club tweeted requesting the fans to turn up to their stadium at the time of the scheduled game, dressed in white.

A combined statement mentioned that, the Brazilian first division football teams have rendered to contribute players to the Chapecoense free of charge, and also have asked the league to safeguard the club from delegation for the next three years.

World’s topmost footballers, from Barcelona stars Neymar and Lionel Messi, to Wayne Rooney from Manchester United, have paid tribute to the players who have lost their lives in the crash.

The Colombian aviation officials also confirmed that there were 21 journalists on board as well, and that both flight recorders have been recovered.

The plane which took off, lost contact with ground controllers as it neared Medellin at about 22:15 on Monday (03:15 GMT on Tuesday), post the pilot reported an electrical fault and later it crashed in a mountainous area.

The total number of people who were to board the plane was first to be said 81, however Columbia’s disaster management agency later confirmed that four on the passenger list did not board the plane.

Of the six survivors, three are footballers from the team – defender Alan Ruschel (suffered spinal injuries), defender HelioZemper (injuries to his skull and chest), and reserve goalkeeper JaksonFollman (unspecifiec injuries).

Goalkeeper Marcos Padilha a.k.a. Danilo, was pulled alive from the wreckage but later pronounced dead at the hospital. Also, from the total of 21 journalists on board, six worked for Fox Sports Brazil, and many others for the Globo media organization.

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