Syria Conflict: Leader Assad finds an Ally in Trump

Published On:November 16, 2016, 12:23 pm

Syria’s leader Bashar al-Assad hopes that the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will probably be an ally in fighting terrorism yet stays “cautious in judging him”.

He further said Mr Trump would be a “natural ally” if he accomplished one of the campaign pledge to fight terrorism. But he still doubts if Mr Trump could actually go ahead and “live up to his promises.”

Trump had earlier said it was “madness” to stand against both IS militants and Syrian forces, in a way fighting Syria could lead to fighting Russia. Battle continues to rage in Syria, on Tuesday a Government aircraft bombed plagued rebel eastern parts of Aleppo for the very first time in the past three weeks.

In March 2011, more than 300,000 people have died ever since the Syrian civil conflict began.

Mr Assad said, "We cannot tell anything about what he's going to do, but if... he is going to fight the terrorists, of course we are going to be [an] ally, natural ally in that regard with the Russians, with the Iranians, with many other countries."

He stated that Mr Trump’s pledges to work towards fighting for on Islamic State (IS) militants was indeed very “promising”, but “can he deliver?”

"What about the countervailing forces within the administration, the mainstream media that were against him? How can he deal with it? That's why for us it's still dubious... That's why we are very cautious in judging him."

The Present United States’ policy is to go against IS and several other jihadists at the same time backing adequate rebels opposed to President Assad.

Assad views those groups as terrorists. Many of the US media, which includes the New York Times have predicted that Mr Trump will probably end the helping hand for the rebels who are fighting Mr Assad. He expressed that fighting Syria would mean a fresh fight towards Russia and at the time of the election campaign he had expressed veneration for the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A fellow Republican Mr John McCain on Monday stormed at Mr Trump’s designed effort to retune ties with Russia, saying that this would result in "butchery of the Syrian people".

In one of the latest interviews, Mr Assad objurgated the present US policy, saying - "They think that they are the police of the world. They think they are the judge of the world. They're not."

He also called Turkish President RecepTayyip Erdogan a "sick person" and a "megalomaniac... out of touch with reality".Turkey has carried out operations in Syria to back rebels opposing Mr Assad.

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