Extraordinary Cyberattak Disrupts Major Websites Across the United States

Published On:October 24, 2016, 12:19 pm

Internet Services was interrupted for citizens across the United States on Friday post a web-hosting service which was hacked and taken down by the hackers. The breakdown was tremendous and tens of millions of IP addresses were put to use to bring down various popular websites such as Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Reddit, CNN, The New York Times, etc., amongst the others as a part of a substantial cyber-attack.

The hackers launched a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on Dyn Inc., a vital internet middleman company and Domain Name Server provider. When people type a URL into any browser, the Dyn channelizes the required traffic.

Dyn disclosed on Saturday that a very “sophisticated” attack which involved approximately “tens of millions of IP addresses.” These breakdowns were at least in part, when the hackers sent malware to the devices which were connected to the internet.

Dyn’s chief security officer Kyle York said, "The sheer volume and consistency of these attacks was unprecedented," he further stated that, "We run 18 data centers globally and it was hitting all of them at different and unique times."

Dyn is continuously investigating and looking into the root cause of the attack. Dynatrace, an IT company monitoring more than 150 websites found that 77 were severely affected on Friday. According to the CEO – John van Siclen, the interruption of the internet may have resulted in the companies facing up to $110 million both in revenue and in sales.

Hayden James, Linux Systems analyst said that the brunt of the cyberattack on businesses can be very considerable. He said, "Even though its not a physical bomb, it has some similar effects."

In fact he even claims that, "There's a strong possibility of far more sophisticated attacks that could shut down the entire internet for everyone for hours, if not an entire day."

On Friday the FBI said that it was "investigating all potential causes of the attack," and also the U.K.’s Home Office said it was probing into the matter.

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