Collagenase which is acquired from Clostridium histolyticum is an enzyme which collapses and breaks down collagen in damaged tissue within the skin and aids regeneration of healthy tissue to grow back. This enzyme is specifically known to break the peptide bonds in collagen. It helps in obliterating extracellular structures in the pathogenesis of bacteria such as Clostridium, and is considered a virulence factor, alleviating the spread of gas gangrene. The enzymes aim towards the connective tissue in muscle cells and body’s other organs. In other words, Collagenase help wounds heal much faster as compared otherwise. Collagen is a prime component of the animal extracellular matrix, which is created through segmented cleft of pro-collagen with the help of collagenase once it has been released from the cell. The collagen protein links and backs fibers inside the body tissues such as tendons, skin, muscles, and bone. Collagenase which is used topically on the skin is applied to acute skin burns or ulcers which help in removing the dead skin tissue and wound healing. Apart from this enzyme produced by some bacteria, it can be generated by the body itself as a part of normal immune response, and the production is stimulated by cytokines, which boosts cells such as osteoblasts and fibroblasts, and might cause an indirect damage to the tissue.

Collagen in excess might cause many medical conditions and also, minimally invasive collagenase therapy has vast probably therapeutic applications. This enzyme has been explored in a battalion of medical conditions and in both injectable and topical forms. The injectable collagenase has several potential advantages and is minimally invasive and can be injected in an office setting. It can alter the way patients are treated for range diseases and indications where surgery is presently the sole proven option for removal of the scar tissue. The Collagenase Market has new and enhanced clinical indications which involve the therapeutic application of Clostridial collagenase to supplement the body’s own natural enzymes are constantly being proposed by medical specialists in the medical community.