The water obtained from natural resources like streams, bores, rainwater tanks, dams, etc., might contain microorganisms which can be risky for the health. The Department of Health urges that all the water from natural resources must be professionally test and treated with appropriate UV Disinfection Equipment prior to it being used for bathing, drinking, filling swimming pools, for preparing food or cooking. Various water treatment systems can be used to extract such contaminants which result in illnesses. Also, Ultra Violet (UV) light disinfection is one such treatment which is particularly used to remove most of the microbiological contamination from the water. The several organisms which concern in the water include viruses, enteric bacteria, and protozoan cysts. These commonly found microorganisms which are found in the domestic water lead to diseases such as gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, infectious hepatitis, meningitis, cholera leptospirosis, etc. The UV spectrum from the UV light is much higher in frequency than visible light and lower than x-rays. As a water treatment procedure, UV is exclusively known to be an effective disinfectant owing to its robust germicidal ability.

How does the UV radiation help?

The UV radiation affects microorganisms by changing the DNA in the cells and obstructing reproduction. The UV treatment does not eliminate the microorganisms from the ware, it purely inactivates them. Also, the efficiency of this procedure is pertaining to the exposure time and also the intensity of the lamp along with the general water quality parameters.

The UV disinfection equipment market is yet not as accomplished as other disinfectants such as chlorine which has been the traditionally used method for over a century. UV treatment takes approximately 6 to 10 seconds in a contact tank while chlorine takes about 15 to 20 minutes of the treatment time. This market is sectioned into applications such as wastewater treatment, water treatment, process water treatment, air treatment, and surface disinfection. There are various benefits associated with UV disinfection equipment which includes low installation and function cost, residue-less operation and user-friendly maintenance, and it is because of such reasons the UV disinfection equipment is more preferred among the rest options.