Marine power also known as marine energy, ocean power and/or marine and hydrokinetic energy, is relevant to the energy which is carried by the ocean tides, waves, salinity and oceanic temperature differences. Any kind of movement of water beneath the ocean generates a broad store of kinetic energy or any other energy in motion. This generated marine power (wave and tidal) can be garnered to create electricity to power transport, homes and industries. Marine power comprehends both wave power (power from the surface waves), and tidal power (derived from the kinetic energy of moving water).

Marine Wave Power – It is the transport of energy by wind waves and incarcerate of the generated energy to do efficient work such as water desalination, pumping of water into reservoirs, generating electricity, etc. A machine which is used to exploit wave power is usually known as a wave energy converter (WEC). It is distinctive from the diurnal flux of the tidal power and the steady ringlets of ocean currents. Presently, marine wave power generation is not a broadly employed commercial technology. Plenty attempts, have been made since 1890, however in the year 2008, the first ever experimental wave farm was opened in Aguçadoura Wave Park in Portugal.

Marine Tidal Power – Also termed as tidal energy, it is a form of hydropower which converts the energy from the tides into efficient forms of power, primarily electricity. Tides have more potential are more predictable than the solar power and wind energy, and hence tidal power has an impending for future electricity generation. Tidal power is a renewable energy which has customarily suffered from comparatively higher cost and limited availability of sites with sufficient high tidal ranges or flow velocities.

There are several procedures of harnessing marine energy; nevertheless, presently, wave and tidal are the predominant methods. Tidal energy is further sectioned into tidal range energy and tidal stream. Tidal range energy is comparatively a more established technology, which implies manufacture of tidal barrages. Both, wave and tidal stream energy are new concepts and are in the incipient stages of technology development. Presently, in the Marine power market industry, more than 200 companies across the world function in the wave and tidal energy sector.