A healthy and supple skin speaks volumes about regular grooming habits and skin toner is one of the most vital components of a skin regime. Regular use of a cleanser and a toner can help your skin look hydrated and toned. Our skin is usually acidic in nature having an estimated pH level of approximately 6 and skin toners help in restoring the skin’s natural pH level. A toner’s function is to deep-clean the skin by removing dust, pollution, dirt, oil, and all the impurities which can still are persistent post washing with a cleanser, because most of the cleanser consists of certain ingredients such as oil, which leaves a film on the layer of the skin. Skin toners also help in removing the makeup which get conglomerated in the pores of the skin and shrink the appearance of the pores. Many dermatologists recommend the use of toners regularly as they refresh and prep-up the skin and reduce irritation and inflammation caused because of several environmental factors. Toners control the oil secretion of the skin and give anti-aging nourishment to the skin.


Most of the toners are water-based liquids which comprises of particular ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts, tailor-made to suit every skin type. There are different types of toners, such as calming and soothing toners, hydrating toners, and astringent toners. Astringent toners are the strongest form of toner and consists a higher proportion of alcohol (20% to 60%), water, antiseptic properties, and a humectants ingredient. Astringents are generally recommended for oily skins since they are more drying on the skin. As per a common myth, removing oil regularly from the skin does not make the skin secrete more oil. One can use a water-based, non comedogenic moisturizer in case the skin becomes too dry after using an astringent. Toners are usually applied to the skin in different ways – spritzing on a damp cotton ball and applying on the skin downward, by spraying directly on the skin, or by putting a tonic gauze facial mask (which is nothing but a gauze covered with skin toner and covered on the face and left for a few minutes.