D-Mannose is a type of nutritional supplement that can be generated from glucose in the human body; however mannose is not one of the essential nutrients. Partial excretion of mannose takes place through urine. Effective functioning of human metabolism requires mannose. Glycosylation of protein molecules require the usage of mannose; majority of proteins undergo glycosylation. Mannose is usually prepared by the oxidation process of mannitol or it could be generated from glucose. 

Market value and drivers of D-(+)-mannose:

The Global market value of D-Mannose production rate has increased potentially in the recent years and is expected to grow in the forthcoming years with a significant Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent, as reported by various market analysts. The market is crucially driven by growing demand for D-Mannose in dietary supplements; the market is expected to witness considerable growth in the sectors of pharmaceuticals and functional food in the upcoming years. D-Mannose molecules can easily adhere on to the walls of the urinary tract and subsequently prevent the attack of pathogens and make it difficult for them to cling on to the surface. Hence, the pivotal driver of the market is revolving around the determent of urinary tract infections (UTIs), through the utilization of drugs containing D-Mannose. These molecules have a variety of chemical properties essentially suitable for various purposes.

Market trend:

Market’s crucial players:

The key competitors in the market include Sweet Cures, Hubei Widely, Natures supplies, Specom Biochemical, Douglas Laboratories, Danisco (Dupont), Huachang, Hebei Huaxu and various other crucial players. However, the market is dominated by high end enterprises like Jarrow Formulas Incorporation, du Pont de Nemours and Company, Nutraceutical International Corp., and various other players. 

Regional market analysis:

The market is ponderously dominated by North American region, and the market growth rate is exponentially increasing in the regions of Europe and Asian pacific countries. The Global awareness created amongst people regarding the applications of D-Mannose could heavily influence the growth rate of this market. The Global utility rate has increased manifold in the recent years and is expected to increase in the impending years as well. 

Future trend:

The inception of larger investments in the market by high end players and the expanding scope of specialist diets, as a consequence of the swiftly enhancing long distance shipping facilities could heavily influence the market growth rate and could consequently yield profit rates in higher caliber. 


The superiority of D-Mannose over other nutritional supplements and its capability to be not metabolized like glucose, subsequently not increasing sugar levels and imposing safety for diabetic patients has positively influenced the market growth rate.

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