SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network)General information about SD-WAN

Software-defined wide area network is a concept which is applied to networking with the motive if simplifying the processes of managing and operating a wide area network by the separation of the hardware involved in networking away from the mechanismof control. This finds similarity to the implementation of virtualization technology by software defined networks in order to enhance its operation and the management of data center. This is mainly applied by companies to set up wide area networking providing access to internet with the requirement of low cost, thus allowing the organizations to substitute for WAN connections which are further expensive, on a partial or total basis.

What does the news say about this?

The global market for SD-WAN is estimated to witness a significant compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2017-2021. The increased introduction of digitalization has been the market driving factor for this. The companies are deploying third platform technologies which include big data and analytics, cloud, social business, mobility for introducing options for creativity and innovation which promote the experiences of customers, hence adding to the expansion of the market industry for SD-WAN.

Further details regarding SD-WAN

SD-WAN provides beneficial features to its users which are responsible for growing demand at the global level. These enlist resilience, service quality, security, optimization of application, options for deployment, administration and troubleshooting and online traffic engineering. SD-WAN being a resilient option helps in lowering the downtime for networks. This enables detection of issues in real time and switches on to the working links automatically. This technology serves high quality of service by extending awareness at the application level with the provision of bandwidth priority in case of complex applications. It has high security due to the usage of IPsec which acts as a staple to its security. This technology enhances the delivery of applications with the involvement of cache memory which keeps track of the information that was recently accessed and this speeds up the process of future access. In most cases, SD-WAN comes with appliances which have prior configurations. These are utilized in branch offices, data centers and various areas located remotely. This also houses for virtual appliances which are capable of working on already available network hardware. The appliances are often used as deployment options in the form of virtual appliance in cloud. It looks after online traffic by taking care of requests for new transfer coming up on the basis of current resource utilization.


SD-WAN has emerged as an excellent tool for bringing in digital transformation. It benefits the organizations in various ways, thus improving its market at the global level.

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