Sales Force AutomationIntroduction

Sales force automation is software which is a kind of program used in automating business jobs which include processing of sales, inventory control and track interactions with the customers. It also gives an analysis of the company’s performance and sales forecasts. There are various custom versions available for this which are used for different businesses to meet their respective needs.

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The global market for sales force automation is anticipated to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2017-2021. The incorporation of this software provides a range of benefits to its user companies which has been the market driving factor for this. It facilitates accurate and real time flow of information among managements, sales teams and various departments of collaboration are helpful in enhancing the internal procedures, hence adding to the expansion of the market industry for sales force automation.

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Package of this software consists of an email package, a web-ready database and customizable templates. Sales force automation has an architecture of three-tier which primarily provides the function of separating server, database and application to bring a reduction in the programming demands in case of customers. Generally, the design based on modules is applied so that the users could be allowed to fulfill their needs by customizing the package. Sales force automation introduces an array of benefits to the companies using this as well to the clients. It provides an option for reducing costs in the market. Companies opt for different levers for optimizing cost which has been helpful for the buyers. This figures out direct methods of cost saving and promotes category management and different advantages of values.Different technologies are integrated including social media. Along with this, predictive analysis extends an idea of the client behavior. Considering mobile applications also enables the sales personnel makes the data accessible from any location and at any instant of time. This in turn ensures sales and delivery efficiency. The client behavior introduced to the company with the help of marketing tools enhances the insights provided to the team of sales and this assists the team to framing the client conversations accordingly. This software brings in strategies to negotiate. There is a need for negotiations in global market for sales in order to gain more. The package of this software may seem to be complex to the users and the sales team. In that case, the client has option to negotiate with suppliers for obtaining training as its part.


Sales force automation has emerged as an important tool for global businesses. The extended benefits add to its market value, resulting in its gain.

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