Communication has been one of the biggest barriers that each one us has had to face at some point or the other in our lives. It is also one of the fields that has been constantly evolving with the evolution of technology right from the first telephone that was invented by Alexander Graham Bell to the modern types of smart phones and mobile phones, everything has been due to the result of the advent of technology.  Over the years communication has forayed into many types of media including radio communication and fixed and satellite services. Radio communications involve major forms of pagers and other transmitters that can be used for transmitting information from one person to another with the help of a media device. Push to talk which are also known as Press to Talk devices are basically an improvised version of a transmitter or a pager that allows two way communication. And works in such a manner that it has the presence of a momentary button that allows the shift from reception mode of the voices to the transmission mode that can allow free and effective communication.

Uses Of Push To Talk:

These kinds of devices are mainly used in every kind of device that facilitates communication on a one to one basis.However the most common use of Push To Talk is in the air traffic controlling devices where in the controllers from the base have to coordinate with the hundreds of flights above them so that they can regulate the traffic in the sky. Apart from this push to talk is made use of in the mobile phones to serve the purpose as a mediator of communication.Technological improvements have also brought in apps that use the push to talk facility to be used for apps that facilitate communication and are provided by certain carriers like Orion Labs, Voxer etc.

Market for Push to talk Devices:

The market for these devices is growing with proportion to the economy’s growth that is putting more income in the hands of the people and is used by a lot of parties like the corporates, individuals, professionals, etc. Moreover, region wise demand shows that North America has the highest demand for the push to talk services. This is then followed by the European markets. The largest growing market is the Asia Pacific market not because of its high population but because of younger population that is present in these areas who cannot tolerate the sluggish communications.


Push to talk or press to talk devices are commonly used to facilitate the communication between two parties.