Chemistry is one of the subjects that has a very big impact on the lives of the students from a very young age. The very sight of test tubes, round bottom flasks and all the other apparatus that are present in a laboratory set up in school were a constant source of fascination to all those hundreds of students that take up the subject and immerse their soul in studying about the various compounds in organic and inorganic chemistry. The fascination can go a long way in determining whether the person wants to pursue that subject further or just let it go.  A very fascinating product from the subject of chemistry is that of the esters. Esters are basically chemical organic compounds that are formed during certain experiments as the product of replacing the hydrogen molecule in the acid or in the alkyl or some other organic group. These esters can be of a variety of compounds that include esters from carboxylic acid and a type of alcohol. One of the most common type of such esters is the Phosphate Esters. Phosphate esters are formed by the replacing of the hydrogen atom in the phosphoric acid and these esters are used widely for numerous purposes.

Uses of Phosphate Esters:

Phosphate esters are some of the most commonly used and formed esters that are used as a basic ingredient in the manufacturing and the production of insecticides, herbicides and pesticides. However they contain a very high level of toxicity and are very toxic to bees, wildlife and humans in general and can almost result in immediate death of these organisms. It can be severely harmful to the growth of fetus if the expectant mother comes in contact with the chemical compound by any chance.Apart from the fertilizer industry, phosphate esters are also used as solvents, plasticizers and also as additives to the EP industry.

Market for Phosphate Esters:

The market for phosphate esters is mainly composed by its usage in the fertilizer industry. The North American market accounted for the largest share of the market naturally because of the extensive research work that is undertaken within this country and the various kinds of promotional activities that the product gets when it gets approved by the government of North America. The market is then lead by the Asia Pacific markets mainly because of the highly agriculturally dependent countries that are present in this region of the world.


Phosphate esters are highly beneficial compounds that can be used for a number of purposes in a variety of industries.