Farm animals are an important part of the agriculture and livestock industry. They contribute to be a major source of revenue to the economy and also it is one of the biggest generator of the basic day to day needs that we will require in our daily lives. There are many farm animals right from poultry, donkeys, cows, horses, pigs etc. and they can be of a number of uses. However, everything comes at a price and this does too.

Sample Of Blue Eye Disease Vaccines Market Research Report

The maintenance of these animals is something that is very tedious and a very risky process as some of the diseases that affects the animals can also affect these humans. Pigs and piglets are the only animals that suffer from a lot of diseases and disorders. This is because the pigs are usually associated with the unsanitary and unhygienic conditions. One such diseases is the blue eye disease. The blue eye disease is a viral disease and these are viral outbreaks that happen every year and it occurs during the months of the spring and summer season especially from the month of April to July. It can spread from one animal to the other through mere contact.

Symptoms of the Blue Eye Disease:

Blue eye disease is something that affects the young pigs or the piglets that are in the age group of as small as 2 days to 21 days. The worst part of the disease is that it has 90% mortality rate which means that almost 90% of the piglets that are affected by the disease will die. The disease is extremely contagious and has various other symptoms that are associated with it apart from death. These include severe damage to the reproductive organs of these animals. Apart from this, the blue eye disease can also lead to partial or full blindness, conjunctivitis, and a disorder that is termed as nystagmus. Blue eye disease can also affect the limbs of the animals and lead to a condition where the hind legs of the pig become stiff and rigid. The disease also affects the mating of the pigs as it severely reduces the reproductive capacity of the pigs and can lead to the process wherein these pigs give birth to still births.


There are certain vaccinations that are available to prevent the onset of this disease in the pigs however these can be very expensive for the farmers to afford.  It is very important to prevent the onset of this disease or otherwise there is no significant treatment other than quarantine available. In severe cases euthanasia has to be done.