General information about mobile applications

Mobile applications are a range of computer programs which are designed by software professionals and can be run on the mobile devices, for example tablet computers and smartphones. Mobile applications have an advantage of running directly on the device on which these are installed unlike desktop applications and web applications. The mobile devices mostly have pre-installed applications. Most of these can be removed by the user as and when needed to free more space on the device but in some applications, this option is not available. In that case, the device is required to get rooted in order to eliminate the applications which are not needed for the time being.

Sample Copy Of Mobile Applications Market Research Report

Market for mobile applications

The global market for mobile applications is estimated to increase at a considerable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2016-2026. The growth in disposable income has increased the chances of expenditure of customers on networking, entertainment, media and mobile communication and has been the market driving factor for this. These applications are well adopted in urban regions as compared to rural regions which has proved to drive the mobile application demand in developed areas. These applications are more widely used by the teenager and youth segments of the populations for various purposes and this has been a major factor for the expansion of the market industry for mobile applications.

Further details about mobile applications

The mobile devices usually come with a set of mobile applications which are already installed for the user. Apart from these, the applications which are not present on the device are available on app stores which are the distribution platforms for these applications. While some of these are free, other applications need to be bought before being accessible to the user. They can either be downloaded to the target device directly from the platform or can be downloaded to other devices such as desktop computers and laptops. Formerly, mobile applications came with options of retrieving information and general productivity. This developed bringing more options to the customers on high demand and the growing developer tools. Development of mobile applications involve keeping in mind the features and constraints of the target devices. Specialized integrated environments for development are provided for designing these applications. On development, these applications are at first tested in this development environment with the help of emulators. On getting through this stage, the applications are released to field testing. With development, there have come a number of options for the customers.


Mobile applications have gained popularity in the recent times. The usefulness of these applications have brought these applications into trend, adding to the market.