Drone is an aircraft which requires no human pilot. The other name given to this is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This discovery which is a result of the ever continuing research works in the sphere of science can be operated under varying autonomy degrees. This can be operated either by onboard computers in an autonomous manner or by a human with the help of a remote control. This was formerly used for military applications. With time its application has spread into other areas as well such as scientific, agricultural, commercial, recreational and additional applications which include peacekeeping, policing, aerial photography, surveillance, smuggling and drone racing.

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Market for drone

The global market for drone is anticipated to increase at a substantial compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2016-2022. The increasing demand drones and data generated by drones in applications on the commercial ground has been the market driving factor for this. The wide range of applications and benefits served by drone has led to the expansion of the market industry for drone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of drone:


It serves the purpose of lifesaver. Drone has been immensely important and saved the lives of a number of military personnels. Since it does not involve any human, no life loss occurs even when it is shot down.

It reduces the risks in military areas. Owing to its small size, drone lowers the risks related to military hardware. It is also capable of flying at lower altitudes.

It is cost effective and cheap. The maintenance of this aircraft involves much lesser price as compared to the normal aircrafts. The fuel used in the functioning of drone also costs less.

It gives accurate results. The data provided by drone are highly accurate even when it is operated from higher altitudes. This brings down the risks posed on normal people and buildings substantially.

It can be used as an excellent surveillance tool. Drone has come into the area of warfare in the recent times. Before this it was successfully utilized in spying and was helpful in aiding the military intelligence.

It is capable of meeting the same deadlines. It is successful in fighting enemies in spite of its small and compact design.


It has limited ability. This is incapable in establishing communication in case of far reaching intelligence and cannot capture war equipments that are abandoned.

It can hinder civilian life. This aircraft can cause humanity loss, can interfere with normal lifestyle and can also cause damage of properties.


Drone has been an extremely useful tool of the technological developments. Owing to the benefits extended by this aircraft, the global market has gained substantially.