Biological Organic FertilizersIntroduction:

The green revolution was one of the most crucial turning points in the life story of India as a nation. When green revolution was introduced, India was going through a period of severe drought and famine and rural India which constituted a major part of the nation back then was suffering from immense levels of poverty and the drought wasn’t helping much with this scenario. With the arrival of the high yielding variety of seeds, India’s productivity of wheat boomed and skyrocketed and India was having surplus production of food grains and now was able to export grains to the other countries as well.

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However, everything has a flip side and the HYV seeds were no exception to it. They required a very large amount of chemical fertilizers to function and give proper yields. This in turn was very costly. Apart from the costs, chemical fertilizers in such large quantities were harming the environment adversely. The soil was losing its fertility greatly and the chemical fertilizers were polluting the ground water levels in such way that it was highly toxic in nature and was not it for any type of consumption. Though the situation is slightly better now, chemical fertilizers are still harming the environment. Organic farming seems to be the only way out. It is a natural and eco- friendly method of farming.

Organic fertilizers and its markets:

There has been a lot of awareness regarding the benefits of organic farming all over the world so much that the prices of the organic products and produce is priced higher than the normal produce.Major fertilizers that are involved in the process of organic farming are cow dung, biogas and bio waste, bio compost etc. In fact, some other companies are also producing compost so that they can be used for agricultural practices all over the world. The market for organic fertilizers is growing because of the awareness that organic produce and the health benefits associated with it is creating. The market for organic fertilizers is divided based on the type of the crop, the end use of the product, the channel through which it is distributed and the region that it is sourced from.The market for organic fruits and vegetables is expected to reach huge highs by the end of the year 2020. According to different regions, North America had the highest market for organic fruits and vegetables which is then followed by the European market.


Organic farming is a very healthy and simple method of farming that is garnering a lot of attention at the moment.