Portable Battery Pack (Power Banks)Introduction:

All of us are running lives with extensively busy schedules. All our days are characterized by the long hours of working from morning to night. In such cases of utterly long hours away from family, mobile phones become the only source of connectivity with our loved ones. However these are mere electronic devices that run out of battery very easily and we can’t always go in search of plug points to fulfil our needs for electricity in the middle of nowhere. Technological advancement has been the biggest boon that we could possibly have.

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It is the most singular reliable thing at present. Technology keeps evolving so that we can carry on with our lives without any hindrances or disturbances. And this technological advancement has also provided us with one of the simple yet spectacular devices that is the portable power banks. These power banks are basically portable USB points that are connected to a battery and can charge our phones and other devices that can be connected to the relatively smaller battery and it can be big boon in case of emergencies where we need to contact someone immediately. No one nowadays can think of being without a mobile phone while travelling from or to work especially at night and in such cases the power bank has proved to be a very handy device.

Market for Power banks:

The market for Portable power banks is huge especially because of the growing population of youth all over the world and the dependence of people on the technological devices all over the world. The market for Portable power banks has a very high expected growth between the periods of 2016 and 2022 and by the end of the year 2021 the market for Portable power banks is anticipated to reach a figure that is runs into billions by the end of the year 2022. According to different regions, North America has the highest demand for Portable power banks for various purposes that is followed closely by the European markets. However according to the fastest growth rate, Asian countries have the largest growing demand for Portable power banks due to the presence developing countries with huge population and increased awareness created regarding safety of people, not limited only to women especially while travelling to  and from work. There are a number of power banks that are available and they differ from each other by the battery size.


Power banks are slowly becoming indispensable tools for today’s generation and it is also a highly beneficial product.