Master Data Management (MDM)Master data management contains tools, policies, processes, and standards that persistently characterize and maintain the crucial data of organizations in order to give out a single point of citation. The data that is mastered consists of; analytical data that is necessary to support the decision making process and reference data that is used for business transactions.

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A master data management tool is useful in computing for eliminating incorrect data, standardizing data, incorporating rules and removing duplicate datathat develops an authentic origin of master data. Master data is considered as the product, accounts or parties that the transactions of business are achieved for.

Master data management has the aim of rendering methods for combining, gathering, aggregating, persisting, assuring quality and distributing data across an organization to guarantee precision and discipline in use of the information. Master data management is also considered as a detailed process of allowing an organization to collect all of its crucial data into a single file which is known as master file that can be used commonly for reference. When mater data management is done precisely, it consolidates data sharing among departments. Furthermore, master data management can promote computing in various platforms and applications. The procedure of record linkage must be used to avoid duplicate data that is associated with the same individual.


The primary object that master data management attempts to ensure is that an organization does not use numerous versions of the same master data in various parts of its functions, which can take in place in huge originations. Other issues include data-reconciliation issues, consistent identification and classification of data and quality of data. Data transformations are required for master data management of disparate systems of data as the data taken from the disparate data source is changed and transmitted into the master data management hub. To coordinate the disparate master data, the data that has been taken from master data management hub is again changed and transmitted into the disparate data system as the master data is modernized.

Progress through acquisitions or mergers is one of the most frequent reasons that large organizations have problems with master data management. Originations that merge will tend to develop an individual with duplicate master data. Generally, this issue is resolved by database administrators via duplication of the master data as a section of the merger. However, sorting numerous master data systems can add problems due to the decencies that current application have on the master database. With time, as more acquisitions and mergers take place, the issues multiply and more master databases take place and the procedure of data-reconciliation becomes extensively complicated.