Green Tea PowderIntroduction:

Green tea powder generally refers to finely smashed green tea leaves that is cultivated in a special way and then processed. This type of green tea powder is known as Matcha. In recent times, green tea powder has often been employed in flavoring processes of food items like mocha, matcha lattes, green tea ice cream and soba noodles.

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The combination of theanine and caffeine produced by camellia sinensis plants is the reason behind a tranquil life lead by the consumers of this product. There are three grades corresponding to the applications of this powder. The three grades include Ceremonial grade, Premium grade and Cooking and culinary grade. The price rates of ceremonial grade tea powder are extremely high due to their usage in tea ceremonies and Buddhist temples. The green tea powder used for cooking purposes is less expensive and is very low in nutritional content.

Market value of Green Tea Powder:

The key players in the market include Green Foods Corporation, Encha Organic Matcha, The AOI Tea Company, Aiya, D?Matcha, Japanese Green Tea, Nature's Way Products, Kiss Me Organics U.S., Tenzo Tea,, ITO En North America Inc., LLC and Vicony Teas Company. The Global market value of green tea powder market is expected to reach a very high revenue yield within few years with significantly high Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent. The essential market driver is the wholesome nutritional content which however gets restrained by the high pricing system in the market. People with high regards for sustaining health would earnestly prefer matcha tea powder over other forms of beverages. This is also due to the high anti oxidant content which is very pivotal for cosmetic care. The growing demand for variety in matcha tea has essentially driven the market growth rate amongst youth individuals. Usage of different flavors offers preference for personal consumer satisfaction, eliminating the feeling of repetitiveness and boredom. This also effectively removes redundancy amongst tea preferring individuals as it offers them high level of energy. It has been evidently proven that ten cups of brewed tea equalizes one cup of matcha green tea in terms of nutritional value.

Market trend:

The reduction of cardio vascular diseases and the advent of high five café’s in widely popular areas have heavily driven the growth rate of this market. There has been large increase observed in the total number of tea and coffee shops in the market and the expansion of coffee shops like Star Bucks could consequently drive the market growth rate. 


The prevalence of matcha green tea powder in large super markets, retail shops and online stores has tremendously increased the growth potential of this market.