Extra Virgin Coconut OilIntroduction:

Coconut oils are being effectively used in a variety of ways encompassing food preparation, cosmetic care, ayurvedic medicine and more. There were numerous claims in the yesteryears stating the unhealthy content of coconut oil which essentially includes high saturated fat content. However, people have come to a conclusion that the fat content present in the coconut oil is ultimately good for our health.

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The hype of coconut oil hasn’t lowered down whatsoever regardless of multiple claims revealing the insalubrious nature of them. This implies that the benefits have potentially outweighed the deleterious properties of these oils. Extra virgin coconut oil is one form of coconut oil that is usually pressed out in two different ways. The two ways include quick drying followed by pressing method and wet-milling method. Quick drying method involves the usage of low heat whilst, wet milling method involves extraction of oil directly from coconut meat without drying process.

Market value of extra virgin coconut oil:

The Global market value of extra virgin coconut oil has soared high in the recent years due to the growing demand for coconut oil in the market. The revenue yield will probably reach a new height within few years with significant Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent, as disclosed by various market analysts. The key competitors in the market include Tropical Traditions, Hain Celestial group, Nutiva, Barlean’s, C Coconut Water, C20 Pure Coconut Water, Edward & Sons, Jax Coco, H2coco, Zumi Natural (Coco Zumi), iTi Tropicals and Chi. The keys vendors in the market have consistently pushed further to stay competitive in the market. This includes launch of raw extra virgin coconut oil products under various brand names. The raw extra virgin coconut oil launched by Dash Organics was proven to have 100 percent organic components and it was endorsed by Soil Association. On a similar note, virgin coconut oil was brought out under the brand name Coco Pacific by Trade Organics. Also, FAL Food and beverages launched their product with the brand label Coco Joy.

Market trend:

New innovative marketing strategies have been adopted by these manufacturers to stay active in the market. This effectively implicates the organization of a marketing campaign and the endorsement by a top chef from a popular restaurant. Manufacturers invest in millions to expand their marketability.


The growing demand for customer satisfactory products has always driven the market growth rate. The market of extra virgin coconut oil majorly focuses on value added products that offer customers the guarantee for consumer satisfaction. The market for value added products is specifically prevalent in Philippines.