Indoor Air Quality MeterIntroduction:

The earth is made up of the five basic elements that is the air, land, water, fire and the sky. The air is the most basic component that is required for the basic existence of the human beings. Every human is entitled to get his or her share of good quality air to breathe. Till a few decades back, the air that we breathed was considered to be the purest and the cleanest source that can be available. However, industrialization has taken a toll on the quality of the environment and hence the air that we breathe.

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The quality of the air has deteriorated to such an extent that it is causing various health problems for the people who breathe in this air and also the environment as a whole. It is leading to a rise in the number of cases reported all over the world with regards to lung cancer, asthma and various other respiratory diseases. It is important that we need mitigation measures so that we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the environment pollution and in this aspect the technological advancements have provided us with Indoor Air Quality meters that are specifically designed so that they can measure the quality of the air that we breathe in a very quick and simple manner.

Market for Indoor air quality meters:

Indoor Air Quality Meters are gaining a lot of popularity all over the world especially because the it is a new and constantly developing method that helps in measuring the quality of the air in a manner that is quick and effective.It is also an extremely effective method because it collects the samples of air in various surroundings and also measures the exposure of the humans towards the pollutants. The technology is also being constantly developed with every passing day and is being improved for the better.

North America currently has the largest market share with regards to the usage of these monitors both for consumption purposes as well as for research and developmental purposes. Asia Pacific markets have the largest growth rates for these products especially due to the industrial and developmental activities and facilities and the growing population rates in these markets.The air quality in the indoor areas can also be improved with increased cleaning and sanitation facilities.


Indoor Air Quality meters have been gaining a lot of importance due to effective function that they perform and they are expected to gain a lot more in the future.