Oyster MushroomGeneral information about oyster mushroom

Oyster mushroom is a fungus which belongs to the class agaricomycetes of the division basidiomycota. This is an edible mushroom which is used commonly. Apart from being used as a food, this finds application for mycoremediation purposes at an industrial level. This mushroom is counted under the most frequently sought types of wild mushrooms. This can also be grown on straw or other media. This has a characteristic bittersweet aroma which comes from the presence of benzaldehyde in the mushroom.

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Market trends for oyster mushroom

The global market for oyster mushroom is estimated to grow at a fair compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2016-2022. The increasing awareness among consumers about the health benefits that this product provides, growth in the demand for processed foods and improved technologies incorporated for packaging which have considerably enhanced the shelf life of this product have been the market driving factors for this. The spreading requirements for products like this have led to the expansion of the market industry for oyster mushroom.

Further details about oyster mushroom

Oyster mushroom naturally grows in many subtropical and temperate forests around the globe. This is saprotrophic in nature and mainly acts as a wood decomposer, more commonly in deciduous trees and specifically in beech trees. This is beneficiary to the forest since the decomposition of dead woods help in giving back the minerals and elements to the ecosystem and this can be used by other organisms and plants. In countries like Korea, Japan and China, this is used as a delicacy in the cookery. This is extensively grown in many areas of Kerala, India and a huge number of dishes there use oyster mushroom in their preparations. The taste of this mushroom is mild and has slight odor which is similar to that of anise. This gives best results when collected young. As the age of the mushroom increases, its flesh tends to become tougher and the flavor starts becoming unpleasant and acrid. Apart from being used in food items, this finds other applications as well. Its mycelium and the growing substrate, taken together can serve as an alternative to polystyrene packing material or in place of an insulating material. This mushroom is capable of breaking down disposable diapers. Consuming this can result in the reduction of cholesterol levels which is owed to the beta-glucans present in this product. This mushroom is capable of producing lovastatin which is a drug used in lowering cholesterol levels.


Oyster mushroom has been used widely around the world. The spectrum of uses it provides adds to its demand and has resulted in a stable market for this.