Dextrins form a group of carbohydrates having low molecular weight and are obtained by glycogen or starch hydrolysis. These are the combinations of polymers consisting of D-glucose units connected to each other by alpha 1-to-4 or alpha 1-to-6 glycosidic bonds. These may be generated from starch by the use of enzymes such as amylases, similar to that of the digestion process in human body and in mashing and malting or in case of application of dry heat during acidic conditions such as roasting and pyrolysis. The process of putting in dry heat under acidic conditions is applied on the industrial level. This also takes place on bread surface in the process of baking, hence adding to the color, flavor and crispness. These provide many other uses too.

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Market for dextrins

The global market for dextrins is expected to increase at a substantial compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2017-2027. The range of applications of these products in various sectors which include cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food industry has been the market driving factor for this. The characteristic properties of these such as good capacity of film forming and easy to transport have proved to expand the market industry for dextrins.

More information about dextrins

Dextrins are available in yellow, white or brown colors and are in powder form. These are fully or partially soluble in water, thus giving solutions which are optically active and have low viscosity. The detection of these is carried with the help of iodine solution which result in red coloration. The dextrins which give red coloration are erythrodextrins while the ones which give no color are the achrodextrins.Dextrins are used in many areas. In the food industry, these serve the purpose of enhancing crispness. These are used to add to the stiffness and weight of textile fabrics in the textile industry. In the pharmaceutical and paper industries, these are used for thickening and binding while few explosive metal azides use dextrins as their stabilizing agents.  Dextrins hold a number of health benefits. These are effective in maintain the cholesterol levels and in improving the intestinal flora which are healthy. These are also used in the cosmetic industry as cleansing agents. The application of dextrins in a large number of industries is attributed to the non-toxic property these possess. Since dextrins are produced in dried forms, hence these are easy to handle and transport. These factors have also added to the growth of the market industry for these.


Dextrins are of immense use in many industries. The properties of these have led to their increased demand, thus resulting in a gain in their market at a global level.