High-intensity focused UltrasoundIntroduction:

High intensity focused ultrasound, refers to the latestmedical technology that has been in the developmental stage for quite a long time now and has been withdrawn from further development multiple times due to various potential side effects. However, the stimulation of mechanical and thermal effects could potentially be useful in the treatment of diseases that generally require high energy. The mechanism of using this type of procedure implicates the usage of lens to converge various combinations of beams at a single focal point.  This is quite similar to the concept of focusing of sunlight using magnifying glass. The diseases that require the usage of high-intensity focused ultrasound waves are generally of a life threatening variety.  Cancer has been pondered highly rampant amongst people around the age of 20 to 40 due to changing life style patterns and could be effectively cured using HIFU.

Sample Copy Of High-intensity Focused Ultrasound System Market

Market Value of High-intensity focused Ultrasound:

The Global market value of high intensity focused ultrasound technology has increased manifold in the recent years and is expected to reach a new high within few years with a significant Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent, as reported by market analysts. There have been numerous side effect claims with the usage of high-intensity focused ultrasound waves for treatment of diseases. However, they haveproven to be effective for the destruction process of cancer cells. Prostate cancer tissues in menare being disintegrated, after the approval issued in favour for the usage of high-intensity focused ultrasound waves by FDA. The application of this medical technology has expanded in the recent years with the advent of new research centres formulating solutions for pharmaceutical related discrepancies.  The applications include the usage of these waves in the treatment of prostate cancer, cosmetic medicine, uterine fibroids, neurological disorders and other industries.  The stability for the growth rate of this market is inevitable due to the increased rate of cancer patients and increased number of geriatric population.

Market Trend:

The policies regulated by Government agencies and the reimbursements pertaining to the approval of these procedures could effectively boost the growth rate of this market.  Similarly, various technological advancements in the field of medicine and the growing rise in research oriented centres for the formulation of new technologically superior products and their commercialization is an effective way for boosting the growth rate of market. The increase in population and the prevalence of diseases have had potentiality for offering significant market growth rate and it still influences the market growth.  


The increased level of awareness created amongst people could efficiently influence the growth rate of this market.