Blood is one of the most important components of the human body. The human body contains close to 5 or 6 liters of blood. The blood contains Red blood cells, White blood cells and platelets. Red blood cells contain the pigment Hemoglobin which is necessary for the distribution of oxygen throughout the body. White blood cells form a part of the immune system of the body and are necessary to fight of infections and bacteria that might enter the body and cause severe problems for the human body.

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Platelets are the most important constituent of the blood as they help in the clotting of the blood. This means that in case a person suffers from a particularinjuryand has blood loss from the injured spot, the platelets gush to the spot and prevent blood loss by forming clots.  Platelets are the most important components of the blood as without them even a minor injury can turn into a huge incident that involves immense amount of blood loss. Synthetic biology has now brought us to a level where the human blood is processed in such a way that it contains platelets more than the normal values and in higher concentrations as well.

Market for Platelet Rich Plasma:

The increasing amount and occurrences of diseases like orthopedic diseases as well as diseases that affect the immune system, auto immune diseases and excessive use of platelet rich plasma in the field of cosmetic surgery are some of the main reasons why the platelet rich plasma market is growing at such a fast and constant pace. The market for platelet rich plasma is expected to reach lucrative heights by the end of the year 2025. Also this market enjoys a substantial compound annual growth rate between the forecast period of 2015 and 2025. According to an analysis that was conducted to estimate the region wise demand for platelet rich plasma, North America showed the highest demand and market share for these products because of the various medical facilities that are available and the vast research work that is undertaken in this segment. Following the North American market is the European market where in the medical facilities, though expensive, are highly renowned for their quality and assurances given. Asia Pacific is the largest growing market because of various pharmaceutical companies setting up base here and large number of young researchers in the process.


The market for platelet rich plasma is widely growing because of the growing need for these in the medical and cosmetic surgery industry as well.

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