Oligosaccharide Introduction:

A diet is said to be one of the most important things that can constitute the health of a person. Each and every one of us, from a very young and tender age, have been taught about a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one that contains the right amount of all the nutrients in the right proportions. These nutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, pulses, vitamins and minerals.

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This idea seemed to be very simple during the stage of growing up when all we thought was to be done was include these simple and readily available nutrients in our diets. Realization struck very late that the idea, though simple, isn’t very easy to implement. This is mainly because of the various sub elements that are available within one kind of nutrient. Carbohydrates as such has many sub- divisions. This means that there are various types of carbohydrates. Oligosaccharide is one particular type of carbohydrate wherein the molecule is made up of a number of simpler carbohydrate molecules that is the monosaccharides. It has many useful functions especially in the areas that require the cells and synthetic biological applications. Oligosaccharide plays a major role in the functions with regards to cell binding, cell recognition and cell adhesion. This plays a major role during the process of pregnancy when the fetus requiresthe binding of cells from the parent body.

Market for oligosaccharides:

Oligosaccharides are used for various other purposes apart from the more technical functions that are mentioned above with regards to cell binding, cell adhesion and cell recognition. It is a basic carbohydrate molecule which means that it has some basic function sin the dietary section. Oligosaccharides are basically used as low calorie sweeteners and sugars that can be used to substitute the normal sugars that are readily available but contain a high amount of fat. Oligosaccharides have a wide market base and are used in a number of food products including soft drinks, chewing gums, cookies and cereals, yoghurt, powdered milk and milk that is in a clabbered form. The market base for oligosaccharides is also quiet big and by the end of the year 2025, the market is anticipated to garnermaximum market share. The growth of the oligosaccharides market is directly linked to the food and beverage industry that is expected to have a considerable compound annual growth rate between the period and 2016 and 2025.


Oligosaccharides is one of the carbohydrate compounds that is consumed by the human body. It is included in a number of products and consumed across various industries.

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