Ginseng ExtractIntroduction:

Traditional medicines have been used for a long time, not only in the Indian culture but in ancient cultures all over the world. Ginseng is one such plant that has been used in cultures of different communities all around the world to bring relief to patients with a wide variety of symptoms. It is consumed in the form of herbal drinks and tea and even consumed as a dietary supplement. It is believed to have a large number of health benefits including positive effects on memory, fatigue, effects on menopause and other common day to day ailments and illnesses that can be cured of with the help of ginseng extracts.

Sample Copy Of Ginseng Extract Market:

Market for Ginseng Extract:

Ginseng extracts are found in a number of products and hence the market for ginseng extracts can be classified into capsules, powder and liquid form. The powder form enjoys the most substantial demand among all the three kinds because of the ease in consumption of using the extract and convenience in storage of the product. The demand for capsule is next after the powder and this is because of the growth of the pharmaceutical industry all over the world and the increased awareness regarding the healthcare conditions and importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is given utmost importance. According to various predictions, the demand for ginseng extract as a dietary supplement is expected to be a steady one between the periods of 2016 and 2026. North America has the biggest market for all kinds of ginseng products and this is closely followed by the European markets between the period of 2016 and 2026. In the Asia, Pacific region, China is the market leader for both the production and consumption of ginseng products One point to be noted is that the demand for ginseng extracts is experiencing a very high demand currently is because of the high levels of advertisements and marketing for dietary supplements all over the world and since ginseng is a naturally occurring plant, there is a high level of goodwill for the same.

Advantages of Ginseng:

  • Naturally occurring dietary supplement
  • Found Endemically in Asia and North America
  • Prevention against various diseases like hepatitis C, high Blood pressure, erectile dysfunction etc.


Ginseng plant is a plant that is one of its kind and has a number of health benefits. It can be a potential mitigation for a number of life threatening diseases like hepatitis C, High blood pressure and many more disorders. Though the plant is found only in North America and Asia, it enjoys a demand all over the globe.

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