Coagulation analyzer General information about coagulation analyzer

Coagulation analyzer is a medical instrument which is used to measure the characteristics of blood clotting. It gives the ratio of blood prothrombin. This is primarily used for clients who are suffering from thrombosis and unexplained bleeding. This is present as both automatic as well as semi-automatic instruments in the market. This has added to the medical diagnosis and treatment effectively. It has proved to be one of the many useful toolswhich are the results of the introduction of new technologies in the fields of medical field.

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Market trends for coagulation analyzer

The global market for coagulation analyzer is estimated to increase at a significant compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2016-2020. The properties of this product such as accuracy, timely results, portability, connectivity and the quality of being easy to use have been the market driving factors for this. The growing demand for anticoagulant therapy in the recent times has led to the expansion of the market industry for coagulation analyzer.

Further information regarding coagulation analyzer

Coagulation analyzer has come up as a useful tool in the medical arena. It finds applications in the treatments which involve the estimation of blood composition after blood tests. It finds application in anticoagulation therapy which is used in treating disorders related to clotting which occur due to abnormal clotting of blood. This is applied in the treatment of artificial heart valve, PE, fibrillation and heart attack. Coagulation analyzer acts as a measurer of the blood prothrombin ratio. Relating to this, if the resulting level is less than 70%, it indicates hepatic insufficiency as hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis and deficiency of vitamin K. Two types of analyzers are available in the market which are automatic and semiautomatic. Semiautomatic analyzer requires a laboratory technician for its working who intervenes by preparing and introducing samples. This type differs from the other in channel numbers and the varying sample numbers which can be analyzed by the particular instrument at a time. Since this product provides an estimation of blood platelet levels involving a simple and fast procedure, it is incorporated in diagnosing and providing prevention from blood clots which carry the potential of inducing heart attacks. This instrument is also capable of providing the measurement of thromboplastin and thrombolin levels in the blood along with speed of coagulation pathway in a short span of time. This is designed aiming the handling of a huge number of clients.


Coagulation analyzer has proved to be immense use in diagnosing and treating many medical conditions. Owing to its wide range of applications, it has gained popularity in the market and has emerged as a well-accepted product.

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