Legal MarijuanaIntroduction:

Marijuana is a form of drug that is obtained from a plant called “Cannabis” and is used mostly for recreational purposes; however cannabis also finds purposeful usage in medicinal industry. There have been multiple research studies divulging the relationship between intake of marijuana and the psychotic after effect referred to as psychosis. But, there are no clear sources of explanations provided for the relationship. Some countries have legalized the usage of Marijuana whilst some have not. Legalized marijuana plays a huge role in revenue yield due to its rampant usage habit amongst people. Numerous side effects have been reported for the consumption of marijuana. Impaired motor skills, red eyes, dry mouth,decrease in short-term memory,and feelings of paranoia or anxietyusually occur within a short period after consumption and on the other hand, long term side effects include diminished mental ability in people, who initiate consumption during teenage period and behavioral troubles in children of mothers who had the habit of using cannabis during pregnancy and unquenchable addiction.

Market value of legal marijuana:

The Global Market Value Of Legal Marijuana has soared high since its legalization in various countries. However, numerous protests have spurred the possible decline in market scene. Since the legalization of cannabis in USA market scene, the Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent has shown tremendously excited increase. There have been numerous claims regarding media for inducing the alleged usage of a psychoactive drug; however this had rendered a positive growth factor in the market as media endorsed the usage of illegal drugs in a refashioned brand and consequently influencing millenials to adapt accordingly with the trend. As a result of this, Government of various countries offered to legalize the usage of these drugs and since then, the growth rate hasn’t declined whatsoever. Survey analysis reports of market scene in USA have revealed the higher growth potential of adult recreational drugs, as they had engrossed high revenue pay, which happens to be higher than Dasani, Oreos,  girl scout cookies and even alcohol.

Market trend:

The usage of medical marijuana has been legal in California for quite a long period and has been pondered legal for medical purposes in various other countries as well; however the production of recreational cannabis is ultimately considered illegal due to the potential side effects. The Drug enforcement agency has classified marijuana as a schedule 1 controlled substance, similar to the drug control status of harmful heroin. The market trend is completely dependent upon people and government.


The growth of legal marijuana market could be a great economical booster rendering high income opportunities similar to financial, accounting and transportation sectors.

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