Digital PCRIntroduction:

Digital PCR market or digital Polymerase Chain Reaction market encompasses the quantification of nucleic acids by refined cloning and amplification of nucleic acid molecular strands like DNA and RNA, with the aid of DNA polymerase. The sample is split up into various partitions and the reaction is carried out individually in each partition to successfully achieve quantitative and discreet measurement of a certain variable through digital PCR methodology. Although traditional Polymerase methodologies have been prevalent for quite a while, the advent of digital PCR has proven to be much beneficial with advantages like accuracy and efficiency. However, the need for experienced personnel has been pondered as a potential market growth restraint.  There are two categories entailing fluorescence in two different ways; they are digital PCR (dPCR) and Real-time PCR (qPCR). The former employs discreet measurement of nucleic strands, by measuring the number of positive sample fractions that are fluorescing after amplification; whilst the later, measures the intensity of fluorescence after every amplification cycle and constructs a curve to measure the exact quantity of nucleic strands.

Market value of digital PCR:

The Global Market Value Of Digital PCR market has grown high in the recent few years due to commercial technological advancements and is expected to grow at a great rate in the impending years with a high Cumulative Average Growth Rate Percent (CAGR), as stated by various market analysts. The potential market drivers include the crucial requirements of efficiency and accuracy in the quantity analysis of various biological components. The consistent establishment of research centers in various regions has also driven the market status to a great extent. Quantification of mutant alleles in circulating tumor DNA, gene expression levels, quantity analysis of DNA methylation including the analysis of heterogeneous methylation and genetic prenatal diagnostics require dPCR assays to achieve efficient results through assessment procedures. The consistent growth in new technology adaptations of medical industry has significantly driven the usage of digital methodologies for quantification; besides, features like light weightiness and compactness observed in digital PCR equipments have driven the market to a great extent.

Market trend:

The lack in specificity and sensitivity were the potential constraints in the PCR market, which has been solved now; however high cost of the instruments, service contracts and reagents stand as major restraints for digital PCR market. Competitive peer technologies like NGS and microarray, the lack of skilled personnel to deal with digital PCR equipments and government regulations could restrict the market growth of digital PCR techniques.


The market of digital PCR has witnessed various Mergers and Acquisitions market collaborations between major players in the industry and the growing demand for usage of dPCR in diagnostics of various diseases. Hence, this market could potentially yield high revenue yield in the upcoming years.

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