Cordierite Introduction:

Cordierite is a mineral variety, found abundantly in the regional metamorphism of pelitic rocks. It belongs to the class of cyclosilicate group of minerals. Cordierite mostly exists with rich iron, as a solid solution that has the properties of both magnesium rich cordierite and iron rich sekaninaite. For this reason, cordierite can also be categorized as sekaninaite and is branded that way in the market. Cordierite is also available in other product forms in the market.

Sample Copy Of Cordierite Market

Cordierites are commercially used for a variety of purposes and hence the high prevalence in market scene. Catalytic converters are manufactured using ceramics thatusually possess “cordierite” minerals as the major components. This helps in determent of thermal shock cracking when a catalytic converter is used.Cordierite could be seen referred to as iolite which happens to be one of the forms, pervasive in the market scene. It is a transparent gem stone that was originally used for determining the direction of sun by determining the direction of polarization of the sky overhead. This was done by Vikings to help themselves on overcast days.

Market value of cordierite:

The major players in the market include NKG, CoorsTek, Kyocera, Steatite, Yunnan Filter Environment Protection, Yanshi Guangming High-Tech Refractories Products, Sino Steel and Shanghai Orient. The various end user application sectors in the market include automotive industries, ceramic kiln industries, Refractories, petroleum industries and other minor industries. Market analysts have stated the estimated apparent global revenue yield suspected for cordierite manufactories to grow at a large Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent by the end of 2022. The major areas entailed in the market scene of cordierite manufactory industries include North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India. There are two categories of cordierite products in the DPF market of cordierite manufactories. They are disposable and regenerative type products. They could be employed in light CV, truck, buses and off highway products.

Market Trend:

The major market drivers include the aesthetic values and commercialized purposes of these minerals; however the restrictions put forward by environmentalists to deter mining processes in order to save wild life and forests could be a potential restraint for the growth of this market. There should be new innovative mining techniques brought forward to outweigh the potential constraint in this market scene. This is to preserve the ecological balance.


The growing demand for high temperature resistant products like kiln furniture, pillars, saggers, element feed throughs, high voltage at high temperature electrical terminals, industrial fuse bodies, burner nozzles and expansion bars for thermostats has significantly increased the growth potential of this market.

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