Iodate SaltsIntroduction:

Chemistry hasn’t always been the kindest subject that one could potentially ask for. The struggle between the study organic compounds and inorganic compounds is something that no science student would ever forget and no humanities or commerce student would ever ask for. Salts are some of the most important by products that can come out of any chemical reaction.

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Every reaction or experiment in chemistry comes along with a byproduct and the most common among the kind of by products are the salts. These salts are very fascinating substances that are found in the bottom of test tubes in a variety of colors that’s never seen by most of us before. Iodate is one such category of salt that can arise as byproduct from any given experiment. There are various kinds of iodate salts like Potassium iodate, Sodium Iodate, Potassium Hydrogen Iodate, Silver iodate and calcium iodate. They are most of the times colorless and odorless salts that can be put to variety of uses right from the confectionary or the baking industry to the iodized salt industry and also in the protection against radiation etc.

Market for Iodate salts:

Iodate salts are of various kinds and can arise out of any experiment that involves a reaction between the iodic acid and the chemical element. However, out of the large number of iodate salts that are present, sodium iodate and potassium iodate are the most commonly used compounds for a variety of reasons. Sodium Iodate is colorless and may decompose when it is exposed to light, air or moisture of any kind. It is used mainly in the production of iodized salt and the demand for sodium iodate is directly proportional to the demand of the iodized salt. Potassium iodate is also used in the production of iodized salt and it plays a major role in protection against nuclear radiation and also endemic goiter disorders. According to the various regions, The Asia Pacific Region has the highest demand for the iodate salts and this is because of the presence of a large number of salt producing industries and the vast coastal areas that are present within this region. Chile is also one of the major users of the iodate salts due to the large number of pharmaceutical companies that are present in this region. Iodate salts are also used extensively in the baking industry.


The iodate salts are extremely instrumental in the production of iodized salt or common salts. Common salt is extremely essential in the diet of each and every person as it provides a balance of various elements in one’s food.

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