Pomace Camellia oiIntroduction:

Oleic acid is an artificial occurring fatty acid that contains a number of animal and vegetable fats and oils. Camellia oil is a major source of oleic acid and it can be used for a variety of purposes. Aging has been one of the major concerns that every woman faces in some or other point in her life. The signs of wrinkles, dark circles, sagging skin and various other signs of aging that are actually a natural process.

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However this has been commercialized and most of the cosmetic companies thrive on the anti-aging business and the claims that they make. Camellia oil however, is a tried and tested method that works marvelously in order to keep the body young and healthy and it has been a part of the Japanese traditions for centuries together now. However, the pure Camellia oil is that which doesn’t involve any process or refinement and is nothing but the extract that is obtained from the cold pressing of the wild Camellia flower that belongs to the Japanese territory. It contains extremely nutritive products that can play a major role in keeping the skin young and healthy.

Market for Camellia oil:

Camellia Oil is a product that has been a part of the Japanese traditions for ages together and has been proven to be effective to fight the signs of aging in both men and women. It is rich in certain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Apart from these, Camellia oil is one of the richest sources of certain fatty acids like Omega 6 and certain palmitic oils. The reason for popularity of Camellia oil is that it is rich in certain kinds of antioxidants and nutrients that cannot be found very easily and in such abundant proportions in other kinds of oils. Another characteristic feature of Camellia oil is that it is non greasy but at the same time it penetrates deeply in to the skin and scalp that provides an extremely nourishing and soothing effect to the entire body.It is most commonly used in the country of Japan because of its tradition however, Camellia oil is slowly finding its way into the markets of the other big countries as well.

Uses of Camellia Oil:

  • It can be used for hair treatment and nourishment
  • It can be used effectively as a sunblock
  • It can be used for facial treatments.
  • As a whole it can be used for total body care.


Camellia oil can be used effectively for a variety of reasons and it is continuing to show a lot of positive effects for the entire body care and cosmetic industry.

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