e- visaIntroduction:

Very person, young or old, bears a desire to go and travel around the world, experience new lifestyles and cultures, make memories. Some people might do so for the sheer pleasure of travelling while some might do so in order to fulfil and meet certain commitments, or make a visit to their families and friends who might be settles abroad.

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Reunions are some of the important reasons why people decide to travel from one place to another. They do not mind the distance, the fatigue and jet lag when they think that they might be reunited with their friends or relatives after a huge span of time and all the pain and effort taken until there makes the entire process absolutely worth it. Something that might put a hold on the travel plans would be the Visa permissions that have to be granted by the company that they are visiting. Visa is a permission that is given by the Government of the particular destination country that allows the person to visit that territory. These visas have to be stamped in the passport of the traveler. However, sometimes the visa might not be granted due to various reasons or sometimes the stamping process might take a very long time and it might not reach the traveler on time, before his journey. This led to the introduction of E Visa.

Working of E Visa:

Visa refers to the permission that is granted to the traveler to visit the nation for a specific purpose for a specific period of time. Sometimes, if the process is allowed by the government of the country, such permissions are granted over the internet wherein all the details regarding the permission granted to the traveler is stored in a computer that will be accessible to the concerned authorities as and when they need it. Also there is no physical sticker that is attached to the passport of the person. This has various advantages because it even facilitates last minute travel wherein a person need not get the visa stamped on his or her passport but can just travel with the e-visa that is provided by the government and the other necessary documents that they may require for other purposes. Some of the countries that allow e-visas include India, Singapore, Australia, Bahrain, Kenya, India, Kuwait and many more. In fact Australia was the one that pioneered the issuance of electronic visas all throughout the world.


E-visa is something that has been designed to provide consumer satisfaction as well as maintain complete transparency by keeping records online.

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