Porridge is a dish prepared by using boiling, crushed, ground or chopped plants which are rich in starch, which are typically grain. These plants are then soaked in milk or water. This dish can be served or cooked using flavorings which include honey, sugar, etc. to prepare a sweet dish. It can also be blended with vegetables, spices, etc. in order to prepare a savory dish. It is generally presented hot and in a bowl. There is a variety in this dish.

Market for porridge

The Global Market For Porridge is expected to grow at a good compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2017-2022. The healthy benefits which this product provides to the consumers have led to the expansion of the market industry for this. The growth of breakfast industry taken together with the modern day’s changing food habits have been the market driving factors for the porridge market at the global level.

Further details regarding porridge

Porridge is consumed in breakfast and coupled with sugar, salt, milk, butter, fruit or cream and at times with other flavorings. This product is also available to the consumers in partly cooked or ready-made forms to serve the purpose of an instant breakfast. The grains which are used for the preparation of porridge are rice, corn, barley, semolina, buckwheat, wheat and triticale. This preparation can be easily digested, hence used as a food for sick people in a number of cultures. It is very often consumed by athletes who are under training. There are varieties of this dish which include maize porridge, millet porridge, oat porridge, rice porridge, sorghum porridge, wheat porridge, flax porridge, potato porridge and many more. There is a wide spectrum of benefits which are extended by this dish to its consumers. This preparation is fiber rich cereal contains high levels of protein and is effective in stabilizing the blood sugar level in the body. The content of fiber is high in this dish and this enhances the process of digestion, lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood and assist in preventing heart diseases. It provides essential nutrients required by the body for proper functioning. It contains zinc, magnesium, iron, protein, antioxidants, vitamin E, phytochemicals and vitamin B. These nutrients improve the immunity system and help in fighting infection. Porridge also assists in stabilizing blood sugar levels and lowers the chances of Type 2 diabetes.  The fiber present in porridge reduces sugar absorption. The high fiber content also helps an individual in losing weight.


Porridge is a healthy breakfast dish which also comes to consumer in easy-to-prepare forms. This along with its benefits makes it a well-accepted option in the global market.

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