Tilapia is the name given to about hundreds of cichlid fish species belonging to the tilapiine cichlid tribe. These are primarily freshwater fishes living in ponds, lakes, shallow streams, rivers and brackish water but this is less common than the other habitats. They have held an important place in Africa’s artisan fishing. They are of vital importance in fields of aquaponics and aquaculture. This group has come up as an invasive species creating problems in many emerging warm water habitats which include Australia. These are knowingly or unknowingly brought into such places. However, these species do not cause any harm in places with temperate climates since these fishes cannot thrive in cold water.

Market for tilapia

The Global Market For Tilapia is anticipated to expand at a fair rate during the forecast period of 2016-2021. Tilapia being a major supplier of protein has broadened its horizons in the recent time which has proved to be its market driving factor. Tilapia is species of fishes having stable demand at the global level since it is cheap and highly exported which leads to the expansion of the market industry for tilapia.

Further information about tilapia

Tilapia is one of the highly demanded groups of fishes, securing the fourth rank on the list. This species has gained popularity owing to its easy preparation, its cheap price and mild taste it has. These fishes have deep bodies which are laterally compressed. The pharyngeal bones on the lower portion are composed into a single structure just like that of other cichlids. These fishes are sensitive to temperature. Their bodies are capable of adapting to a wide spectrum of conditions. Tilapia is extensively used biological controls towards a number of problems regarding aquatic plants. In some places these species are deliberately introduced with the motive of controlling mosquitoes which are responsible for causing malaria since they feed on the larva of mosquitoes, hence contributing to decreasing the populations of adult female mosquitoes which are carrier of the disease. These fishes are not capable of surviving in temperate climates due to their requirement of warm water. As a result of this, tilapia is unable of invading temperate habitats and cause disturbance to the ecologies native to temperate regions. However, they have been successful in expanding their growth in a number of fresh and brackish habitats in the tropical and subtropical zones. The species of these fishes are commercially used in aquaculture.


Tilapia is one of the most demanded fish species. This can be accredited to its cheap price and the wide variety of related preparations. These fishes have held the acclaimed status since a long time, resulting in the continued growth of this market.

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